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Hatsukoubou & Hatsutennjin/初弘法と初天神

There's various markets be held in Kyoto every month, selling second-hand things, handmade crafts, vintages, or even cheap kimono. Two of them are really famous - Koubou Market and Kitanotenmangu Market. And the first market the year, we call it Hatsukoubou (which is held in world legacy To-ji)  and Hatsutenjin (which is held in Kitanotenman-gu). Both this two market will be filled with over a thousand stalls in the area. And Kitanotenmangu's grounds will also be lit up beginning at sunset. Why not spend some time go around and try seeking some treasure and experience there?


Event Detail/イベント詳細:


1/21 Mon. @ 東寺To-ji


1/25 Fri. @ 北野天満宮Kitanotenman-gu

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