The High Tech & Multi-Functional Sleeping Pod

Beautifully Minimal, yet

Perfectly Comfortable.

The world's most advanced lodging unit.

​2.3m High Floor

A generous ceiling height of 2.3 meters creates a comfortably spacious ambience.

​120cm Wide Bed

The 25cm-thick mattress from America’s most popular mattress maker Serta makes sure the comfort of the beds rivals that of 5-star hotels.

​Bed Reclining

The sofa setting of the bed allows for more floor space, making it easier to move around or get dressed.

​Large Storage

When in sofa mode, floor space comes up giving you enough room to change inside the pod.


The large cabinet under the be makes storing even big suitcases easy and convenient.

​Physical Alarm

Watch videos or look at photos from your personal device on the 80-inch screen of your very own home theater.

※not available in all units


It doesn’t require a noisy alarm to wake up – our automatic lights and reclining bed will surely do the job!

​Physical Alarm

All the functions in the pod can be controlled with an app on the iPod you will be given at check-in.

Sleep inside the box.

Think outside

the box.